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Team Picks

Our Team & The Solful Standard

The Solful Standard is our commitment to understanding the processes and practices that go into bringing good cannabis to good people—and the specifics of what makes some products stand out from the rest.

But the Standard isn’t just a rigorous process of evaluation, it’s a living, breathing practice that’s fueled by our passionate team of cannabis experts. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you this week’s team picks: a carefully, consciously curated suite of products by the most devoted folks in the business.

Check out our team picks below and the specials we’re offering through Tuesday, September 22, 2020*.

Team Picks


Mercedes pick is XJ-13Mercedes

XJ-13 from Chemistry

“Need a little something to help you slay your daily  checklist? The XJ-13 from Chemistry is the perfect cartridge to grab!” 

(20% off through 9/22)


Kyle's pick is a lovely tinctureKyle

Inflammation Soother from Humboldt Apothecary

“The Humboldt Apothecary Inflammation Soother tincture has an enjoyable taste and provides an excellent relaxing effect.”

(20% off through 9/22)



Karie's pick is Lemon Lime FizzKarie

Fizz Lemon Lime from Manzanita & Madrone 

“It never fails to lighten my mood, and makes me giggle and smile.”

(20% off through 9/22)



Lexi's pick is Wedding Cake 1g SingleLexi

Wedding Cake Preroll from Juniper

“Juniper’s Wedding Cake preroll is perfect for a laid-back night of watching your favorite movies!”

(20% off through 9/22)


Kelsey's pick is Churro Bar


Churro Bar from Kiva

“It’s consistent, it’s delicious, and it provides a reliable high… every time!”

(20% off through 9/22)



Melissa's pick is Sour 10 PackMelissa

Sour 10 Pack from Space Gems

“Each batch of Space Gems has a different flavor profile, so each time you get a new box, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Also, at 10mg with ice water hash, provides a nice high.”

(20% off through 9/22)



Adriana's pick is Fog Berry Live ResinAdrianna

Fog Berry Live Resin from Eel River

“Perfect for unwinding at the end of a stressful day.”

(20% off through 9/22)



Lizzie's pick is Rum PunchLizzie

Rum Punch Flower from Esensia

“Rum Punch from Esensia provides a clear-headed, chill high… perfect for exercising or going on a hike!”

($5 off 1/8th, $10 off 1/4th through 9/22)



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*The fine print: 20% off XJ-13 from Chemistry, Inflammation Soother Tincture from Humboldt Apothecary, Fizz Lemon Lime from Manzanita & Madrone, Wedding Cake 1g Single from Juniper, Churro Bar from Kiva, Sour 10 pack from Space Gem, Fog Berry Live Resin from Eel River AND $5 off 1/8th & $10 off 1/4th of Rum Punch flower from Esensia from 9/14-9/22/2020, cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or discounts, available only while supplies last.

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