Partnership is the heart of business. We invest in building relationships with the producers we work with, learning how they operate, what they value, and hearing their stories of how Northern California’s cannabis traditions were formed and are evolving. This allows us to better understand what makes them different, and how we can better share their ideas with the people who visit Solful.

Below are just a few of the partners we work with. And what we can say about the entire lot of them is that we respect their work, admire their values, and love them as people. If you sign up to stay in touch us, we’ll let you know when you can meet them at Solful.


Approachable Cannabis Consumption - Pour Yourself a Cup of Tea

When Amanda and Jennifer decided to launch Kikoko it was because they had first-hand experience trying to find an approachable cannabis delivery method, particularly for those who eating or smoking might not work for.

They went through various ways one might consume cannabis and thought, who doesn't enjoy sipping a cup tea?!

Papa & Barkley
Papa & Barkley

Get Amazing "Releaf", Your Body Deserves It

The Papa & Barkley team searched high and low to source the best local flowers in Humboldt County.

All Papa & Barkley products are made with full-plant, sun-grown cannabis which means you'll get all the nutrients nature intended.

Founded in 2015 Papa & Barkley has been committed to creating effective cannabis-based pain relief balm.


Life in Color: Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts Made in Oakland, CA

Starting with the best cannabis, the Chemistry team applies mindful intention, leading-edge technology, with a whole lot of heart.

United by a passion for the plant, deep respect for the scientific method, and dedication to the subtle qualities of excellence, Chemistry has a penchant for the playful.

Eel River Organics
Eel River Organics

Farmed With The Land in Humboldt County

In Humboldt County, positioned alongside the Eel River and the Avenue of the Giants sits the Eel River Family Farm. A location hand picked Eel River's farmer to allow him to farm the way he wanted to - with the land.

Eel River Organics practices organic, biodynamic, and ancient dry farming methods. Their cannabis is farmed beside other fruits and vegetables, where very little is harvested for consumption, giving at least half of the harvest back to the ground to ensure a healthy ecosystem.

Eel River Organics is an environmentally responsible, zero waste operation focused on providing quality cannabis using organic and sustainable methods.

What Makes Eel River Organics Unique?

In a time where indoor and artificial environments are becoming the norm, they are proud to embrace an entirely natural method of farming - Dry Farming. Their Dry Farmed cannabis is grown without manual irrigation meaning the plants source their own water from the land. This method of farming puts plants into a unique stress that contributes to bolder flavors, deeper aromas, and higher concentrations of rare cannabinoids.

Garden Society
Garden Society

Chef Inspired, Low Dose Cannabis Confections

As seen on the Today Show! Made in Sonoma County, Garden Society delicious low dose confections are designed to inspire you to live a better life.

Using only organic, fair trade, and locally-sourced ingredients is a key part of Garden Society's core values.

Visit Solful to pick up Garden Society's Bright Blooms, zesty fruit and herb gelées infused with the uplifting attributes of cannabis to energize mind and body.


Pure Cannabis Extracts

The team at Temple Extracts are committed to the highest level of sustainability, quality and purity in all their products.

You can always trust that Temple's oil is Is always strain-specific, supercritical CO2-extracted cannabis oil comes from the highest grade, top-shelf source material, ecologically farmed and pesticide-free.

Flower Power Farm
Flower Power Farm

Highly Aromatic + Delicious High Grade Cannabis

At the Flower Power homestead they believe all people should have access to the highest quality all-natural plant
medicine. All of Flower Power's cannabis is sun-grown because
cultivating in natural conditions with organic
standards produces plants in peak health and vitality, as
well as a reduction in carbon footprint.

Flower Power Farm has cultivated a diverse polyculture of annuals and perennials
that include nutrient-fixing cover crops, vegetables, culinary
and medicinal herbs and flowers. As well as maintaining orchards of fruits, nuts and berries along with honey bees and native pollinator habitat. All of this life combines to
create a healthy and resilient environment that supports the
growth of their highly aromatic and delicious highgrade cannabis.

Om Edibles
Om Edibles

Cannabis + Other Super Foods

The team at Om Edibles views cannabis as a super food. They believe you only get out what you put in and that when cannabis is combined with other super foods and healing herbs a superior healing product can be made!

This all female crew has been up and operating for over a decade and are the holders of 10 Cannabis Cups and three Emerald Cups across multiple categories. Om Edibles uses sun grown cannabis flowers and our their products are always organic!

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