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Wellness Picks for a Good Night’s Rest

Better Sleep for a Better Life

Improve Your Nightly Rest with Cannabis

More than one out of six Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. Are you one of them? Better sleep can help you avoid illness, reduce stress and think more clearly—and research has shown that cannabinoids like THC and CBN can improve the quality and duration of your rest.

Around half of cannabis consumers say they use the plant to help them sleep. Research connecting cannabis to improved rest goes way back to the 1970s, when the first studies showed that the herb helped users fall asleep faster. THC has been proven to promote better sleep, but these days, researchers are also interested in a lesser-known cannabinoid called cannabinol, or CBN. It’s a non-psychoactive alternative to THC usually found in cured or aged cannabis flower, and though research on the compound is in its infancy, scientists have suggested that it can help us get a better night’s rest.

At Solful, we carry a wide variety of CBN products that can offer you fast-acting relief when it’s time for lights out—with or without the high. And that’s not even mentioning 100+ more sleep-inducing treats you’ll find in our store, from tinctures to prerolls and more, that will help you wake up rejuvenated and ready to start your day.

Curious to discover how cannabis can improve your sleep? Set up an appointment with one of our Health and Happiness Consultants today, or explore our picks below for sleep.

Kikoko Little Helpers Sleep Mints

Blueberry Jam

Terra Bites

Kanha Gummies

ABX Sleepy Time Vape

Papa & Barkley Capsules



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