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Solful Extracts Week Specials

We’ve partnered with some of your favorite brands to celebrate 710. Get ready for special promotions, surprises, and discounts all week long. Be sure to check out the Solful calendar...Read More



The Solful Guide to Extracts

Let's talk about cannabis extracts. Did you know that 7/10 has become synonymous with celebrating cannabis oil/extracts? The number 710 spells “OIL” when placed backward and upside-down, making 7/10 the...Read More



Pomegranate Fizz Recipe

Enjoy a refreshing cannabis beverage. Mix up an Atlas Pomegranate Fizz! The Ingredients: 1 Atlas Pomegranate Green Tea Mix 1oz fresh lemon juice 5oz simple syrup 2-4oz sparkling water Ice...Read More



The Big Solful Flower Sale

We're having a flower sale: June 24-30, 2020. Summer is here and you can officially shop in the store again, let’s (safely) celebrate! We don't normally put our flower on sale but we...Read More



Win An Ounce Of Your Favorite Flower!

  Do you love sun grown flower? Connect with us on Instagram for a chance to win an ounce of your favorite flower, a $300 value.   The Contest Starts...Read More



The Best Cannabis Strains for Summer in Sonoma County

The Best Strains for Summer

The Best Cannabis Strains for Summer Summer is here, and we can't wait to get outside. For those of you looking for a bit of inspiration we've paired some of...Read More



Introducing Oara

Support Your Mind and Gut Introducing OARA Probiotic Cannabis Chocolate Made with certified sun grown cannabis, world-class fair trade organic dark chocolate, and probiotics --- you know, the good kind...Read More


Cannabis Brands

The Best Cannabis Gifts for Dads

Let’s Celebrate Dads! The Best Cannabis Gifts for Father's Day Here in Sonoma County, we meet many Dads who enjoy cannabis. Some have spent years consuming, while others are just...Read More



We Support Black Lives Matter

Dear Solful Community, Family, and Friends, It’s been heartbreaking to witness the displays of blatant racism and violence across our country. We refuse to sit by idly and watch. Now...Read More