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The Best Cannabis Products for Sleep 8/26/18

Cannabis for Sleep

Do you have trouble turning off your thoughts at the end of a long day? Are you awake tossing and turning all night?

Whether it’s falling asleep or staying asleep that’s keeping you up at night, more and more people are turning to cannabis to help catch their zzz’s. Sip, drop or smoke, here are three products at Solful to help you feel rested come morning.


For Falling Asleep

Dissolve by LEVEL

photo credit @level.blends

An indica heavy flower or cartridge is sure to make you melt into your bed. This inhalable vape pen offers amazing relief for those looking to fall asleep, and who enjoy a full body high.

Cannabis strains high in THC can often help promote a restful sleep and the Dissolve cartridge by LEVEL is 77.2% THC! Since the onset of smoking is immediate, Dissolve by LEVEL is a perfect option for right before bed. You can also keep it bedside in case you wake up in the middle of the night and need some help falling back asleep.


For Staying Asleep

Tranquili-Tea by Kikoko

photo credit @kikoko_hq

If you enjoy sipping on a glass of tea before bed then a warm glass of cannabis-infused tea at the end of a long day might just be the perfect relaxing ritual for you.

Tranquili-Tea from Kikoko is formulated with sleep-supporting herbs such as chamomile and valerian root, and is great for anyone having trouble staying asleep. With 3mg of  THC and 5mg of CBN, this tea will wind you down and keep you sleeping through the night, without making you feel groggy in the morning. Onset is typically 30-90 minutes which means you can curl up with your Tranquili-Tea and a good book.


Did you know the cannabinoid CBN can be a strong sleep aide? To learn more about the benefits of cannabinoids like CBN and THC, download your free copy of The Solful Field Guide to Getting the Most Out of Cannabis today!


For Falling Asleep + Staying Asleep

Relief Tincture by Papa & Barkley


photo credit @papaandbarkley

If you’re having trouble falling asleep then the quick effectiveness of a sublingual drop may be able to help turn those racing thoughts down.

This THC Rich formula from Papa & Barkley is a formulation of CBD and THC. CBD  is known to help calm your mind and TCH will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Onset typically occurs within 15-45 minutes making this a fast-acting option.

To learn more about tinctures, download your free copy of The Solful Field Guide to Getting the Most Out of Cannabis today!


The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

Refer A Friend 8/20/18

Have a friend who’s never been to Solful? It’s time you spread the love… and send them in!

It makes our day to see new faces walk through the doors at Solful, so we’d love to meet your friends. We’re inviting you to participate in our Refer A Friend program through September 30, so get out there and spread the word!


Products We Love: August 2018 8/20/18

Would We Offer This Product To Someone We Love?

It’s a question we ask about everything we carry. Because we are committed to only offering products that stand behind The Solful Standard we spend more time than most sourcing new products, but as a result, when we find them we can promise that they’re the best! For that reason, we are thrilled to introduce you to two NEW products that we’re proud to share with you.


hepburns cannabis and hash oil pre rolls solful cannabis dispensary








photo credit: @hepburns_

Hepburn Pre-Rolls

Hand-Rolled Cannabis + Ice Water Hash Joints

The Hepburns are committed to sourcing their cannabis directly from responsible farmers and producers. Each of their solventless ice water hash joints are rolled by hand with love. Available in discreet packs of 5, Hepburns are perfect when you’re on-the-go, in social situations, and most importantly they make every day special.


Why We Love Hepburns: We work hard to source our flower from the most thoughtful cannabis farmers we can find, and so does the team at Hepburns! Be on the lookout for some of your favorite farms carefully rolled and packaged as Hepburns, just like the Blue Kush Flower + Gelato Hash pre-rolls from our friends at Radicle Herbs Farm. Plus, they’re delicious!
Hepburns Currently Available at Solful


The Best Cannabis Tinctures at Solful Papa & Barkley

photo credit: @papaandbarkley

Papa & Barkley CBD Rich Tinctures

A Holistic, Discreet + Flexible Option

Papa & Barkley tinctures come in a variety of ratios, allowing you to customize your care to your needs. We know how much you love their topicals, so we’re pretty certain you’ll love their tinctures too!


Why We Love Papa & Barkley’s Tinctures: We promised that we’d search for the best tinctures we could find to help you replace your favorite TreatWell products. During our search, Papa & Barkley really stood out for us because like TreatWell they’re full spectrum, which means that you’ll be getting a product rich in beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Papa & Barkley Tinctures Currently Available at Solful

  • Acute Pain Relief – 30:1 CBD Rich Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml
  • Medium Pain Relief – 1:1 THCa Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml
  • Chronic Pain Relief – 1:3 THC Rich Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml


Know Your Producer

By getting to know the farmers and creators of the products we carry, we’ve witnessed first-hand the care, pride, art, thoughtfulness, and skill that these people put into their respective crafts. We’re fortunate to get to know our Partners well, and we always love working closely with them. As such, we’re excited to have two of your favorite products back in stock… get excited, we know you’ve missed them!


Quim Rock Intimate Lubricant

photo credit: @quim.rock

Quim Rock

A Sensual Cannabis Infused Lubricant

Quim Rock is the product that has probably been asked for more times since July 1 than any other. Quim Rock combines the ancient aphrodisiac power of cannabis with a hint of tea tree oil hence creating a balanced oil that’s sensual and therapeutic.


Why We Love Quim Rock: It’s very simple, everyone on the Solful team who has tried it loves it. Because of the delecate nature of the product we certainly can’t share too much about the reasons why, but we promise if you’re looking for a good time Quim Rock will help make that happen. Wink, wink.

Quim Rock Intimate Oils Currently Available at Solful


Space Gem Cannabis Gummies at Solful

photo credit: @space_gem_ca

Space Gem Gummies

Ground Control To Major…

We are committed to supporting small purveyors, as such, we were thrilled to hear that the team at Space Gem was ready to get their out-of-this-world ice hash infused gummies back on our shelves! We totally support you taking a trip to outer space with these 10mg each gummies because we know you’ll enjoy the ride.


Why We Love Space Gems: Simply put, it’s a fun high. Being one of the smallest companies we work with, we love supporting them. This family-owned company has been making edibles and hash for years up in Humboldt County and certainly has their recipe dialed in. Plus they’re vegan and free of all those nasty additives and coloring.

Space Gem Gummies Currently Available at Solful


Be sure to check out our entire menu to see what’s in stock and above all else, check back in soon we have as we have new products coming in daily.

Treatwell CEO Incident 6/25/18

Regarding our Relationship with TreatWell


Solful was founded with a particular set of values rooted in our mission of “Cultivating Health and Happiness in Our Community”, and it is incredibly important that the brands we carry align with our values. As such we have decided to halt all future orders of TreatWell in wake of their CEO’s recent actions.


We also want to take a moment to explain why we have chosen to sell through TreatWell’s products rather than to have them destroyed. While we are incredibly disappointed and disheartened by her actions, we have many customers that rely on TreatWell. We are currently working incredibly hard to find a replacement so that our customers do not go without their medicine. Until that replacement is secured our existing inventory will remain on the shelf, and we will be donating proceeds from TreatWell products to a non-profit.


We are committed to educating and empowering our community and will continue to have the highest standards when choosing the products we put on our shelves from both a quality and values perspective.


If you have any questions regarding our decision to halt ordering TreatWell products please feel free to reach out to our team directly –




Eli Melrod, CEO


Changes Coming to Cannabis – July 1, 2018 6/23/18


With all the sales and promotions going on we wanted to take a moment to explain why this is happening. To start, there’s nothing to worry about as far as Solful is concerned. We are incredibly fortunate that Solful is thriving, which is largely due to the support of our community and our friends and family – like you!

The reason we are “liquidating” much of our inventory is simply that as of July 1st packaging regulations are changing here in California.

So… what is changing?

The state of California is working hard to ensure that cannabis products undergo a rigorous testing process, and have introduced new testing requirements. In addition to the new testing requirements, every product on our shelves, after July 1st, will need to be individually packaged in child-proof, tamper evident, resealable containers, with extra warnings to remind you to keep your cannabis products away from children.


Is there anything wrong with our current products?

No! Solful has always gone above and beyond what’s been required and we have self imposed a strict product standard. We continue to stand behind the products on our shelves and simply need them to find good homes!


Will all your favorite products be on our shelves re-packaged on July 1?

We certainly hope so, but there may be a few empty spots. What we do know is that our partners, many of whom are local small business owners, are working around the clock to get their testing and packaging up to the new state requirements. The Solful team is doing everything we can to help them, because just like you we love the products we carry!


What happens if I come in and my product isn’t in stock?

We’d be happy to take down your name and number and let you know when your product comes back.


What can I do to help?

Keep supporting local pot farmers and small purveyors. They’re working hard to meet state regulations, and in the end, having a regulated system that ensures safe products will continue to move the cannabis industry forward.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!

Eli + The Solful Team

The Solful Field Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Cannabis 5/24/18

We created The Solful Field Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Cannabis so you can improve your health, increase your happiness, and lead a richer life. At Solful we are passionate about making sure people know the ways cannabis can improve their lives. We hope this Field Guide leads you to more informed, more effective, and more satisfying cannabis experiences.

We hope you will enjoy the information on these pages, and that you’ll share this Field Guide with your friends, family, and loved ones!

Download this Field Guide by clicking the icon below.

Marlon Reviews: Banana Bread by Esensia Farm 5/24/18

Banana Bread Cannabis Review

Banana Bread by Esensia Farms

It’s nearly midnight and I have, admittedly, been smoking since I got off of work. Although this is a Saturday night, I really wanted to give my body a chance to relax and settle into the peace in the confines of my domicile nestled comfortably in my computer chair. After a long day of work and talking about weed I couldn’t get my mind off of the last banana bread nug I had sitting at home, almost like the leftovers from last night you couldn’t wait to grub on but found that your cousin/roommates ate it.

This Banana Bread cultivated by Esensia Farm, of which always impresses me with their concentration on terpenes and healthy heavy buds. Ever since I tried Esensia Farm’s Rum Punch #10, which I picked up from Solful, I have been a true believer in their passion for different new types of terpenes. Rich in both alpha and beta pinene on the nose the blend of pine and candy is disorienting on the senses, very similar to the Candyland from TSO Sonoma in terms of aromatics. I love how stimulating on the nose Banana Bread is and it truly does yield a tropical accent on the tongue but is heavily stoney and heavy on both the head and the body – almost as heavy as Gorilla Glue perhaps!

Either way, I love how heavily physical this inebriation is and it sits on the cusp of drowsy.  Next time I would love to smoke this flower in a blunt or a backwood. This flower hits hard and should be treated as a heavy hitter in a blunt.

Peace out, this flower hits!

– Marlon



  • Tight-Stalky bud
  • Broad and Dense
  • Lime green buds; bright and vibrant


Cannabis Infused Olive Oil Orange Cake Recipe 3/29/18

OM Edibles Cannabis Infused Olive Oil

The team at Solful loves the amazing cannabis infused olive oil, from OM Edibles, which we have in stock at Solful. We’ve used it for cooking, added it cold to a meal as a dressing, and even used it topically! We decided to use it in one of our favorite cake recipes, because who doesn’t love dessert… especially when it’s cannabis infused?!


The Best Cannabis for Stress Relief 3/28/18

We’ve highlighted the best cannabis for stress relief by featuring some of our favorite stress relieving products that are in store right now. From the nearly instant onset of a sublingual to low dose edibles, these cannabis products will help bring those stress levels down!  (more…)

Swim Suit: A Cosmic Dance Party – April 21, 2018 3/17/18

Swim Suit Dance Party Sebastopol Solful

LoveLightShine + Solful Present: Swim Suit a Cosmic Dance Party

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”   F. Nietzsche

Join us for an inter-continental, outer-galactic, dance party celebrating modern music from earth with transmissions to the stars. Expect deep base, exalted rhythms, and form-fitting styles. Get your tickets today!  (more…)

The Best Cannabis Products For Sleep 3/13/18

Whether you need help falling asleep or staying asleep, we’ve put together some of the best cannabis products for sleep.


As we become more educated on the health benefits of cannabis it’s no surprise that so many people are turning to this incredible plant as an alternative to help them sleep through the night. So whether you’re looking for a bit of help falling asleep, or staying asleep, these are four of the best cannabis products for sleep, all available at Solful.

The Best Sonoma County Cannabis Pairings 2/19/18

The Best Cannabis Pairings For Your Favorite Sonoma County Activities

Sonoma County Cannabis Pairings Solful Sebastopol

Sonoma County, California is a wonderful destination for locals and visitors alike. With the legalization of adult recreational marijuana, you can now experience Sonoma County through a new cannabinoid filtered lens. Whether you’re looking to relax at the beach, hike in the redwoods, or kick back and listen to live music, we’ve paired the perfect cannabis strains with some of our favorite Sonoma County activities!


What Are Cannabinoids and How Do They Help Your Body? 2/15/18

What exactly are cannabinoids and how do they help your body? 

What Are Cannabinoids? Learn about them at Solful marijuana dispensary in Sonoma County

Cannabinoids are compounds that keep our bodies in balance. Our bodies create them naturally, and the cannabis plant creates very close imitations of these compounds. Cannabinoids facilitate the communication between the cells in our body to preserve the internal state of balance. So when we use cannabis, we are helping the function of our endocannabinoid system and amplifying the body’s ability to bring things back into proper order.   (more…)

Visit Our Sonoma County Dispensary to Find The Best Marijuana Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018 2/3/18

Cupid left a big bouquet of fragrant flowers on the doorstep at our Sonoma County dispensary, in Sebastopol. 

Move Over Red Roses, We're Seeing Green

photo credits @quimrock @flowerpowertopicals @papaandbarkley


We love the idea of a marijuana inspired Valentine’s Day, but then again who doesn’t? Adult recreational use is now legal in California just in time for the holiday. This means our Sonoma County dispensary can sell to everyone over 21 which certainly opens a whole new world of gift giving!

To kickstart your Valentine’s Day shopping we created a gift guide for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. We think you’ll get lots of great ideas to light their fire!


Let’s Talk Cannabis: Solful Senior Community Events 1/31/18

Cannabis Workshop, Led by Solful’s Eli Melrod, Draws Big Crowds at Senior Centers in Sonoma County.

Sonoma County Cannabis Senior Talks

Solful’s Co-Founder and CEO, Eli Melrod, has long been advocating for increased accessibility to educational services for seniors who want to learn about cannabis.

Our friends at Sonoma West did an amazing article on our recent involvement with the senior community. A trend that Eli can attest to, is that Sonoma County seniors are incredibly interested cannabis education. (more…)

Peter Dickstein’s Solful Startup 1/16/18

“We want to be an important part of the communities we serve. We cater to mainstream consumers who want to improve their physical and mental health.”

A great write-up on Solful Co-Founder, Peter

…he’s helping shape one of the fastest-growing industries around: legal cannabis.

Staff members ask questions: “What are you trying to achieve with cannabis? Do you have any ailments? Have you used cannabis before? If so, did you smoke? Vape? Use edibles, topicals or tinctures? Most importantly, how did it affect you?”

There’s no hard sell. As with a store like Patagonia — one of the founders’ inspirational brands — the emphasis is on education and information. Farmers, health professionals and manufacturers are invited in, to give and see live demonstrations.

Read full article

20% Off Your First Purchase 1/1/18

You’re Invited To Visit Solful – Sonoma County’s Newest Cannabis Dispensary


At Solful we are committed to cultivating health + happiness in our community by offering the best cannabis products on the market. We work tirelessly to source products that meet The Solful Standard and are proud to work with amazing local farmers and small producers.


From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll find that our approach to cannabis is truly something different. We invite you to come in for a visit and are happy to offer you a little something special for your first time shopping with us.


Simply print the offer below, or bring it on your phone, and show it to one of our Health + Happiness Consultants at checkout to receive 20% off your first purchase. We look forward to seeing you at Solful!


Take 20% Off Your First Purchase At Solful

FAQ 1/1/18



What is Solful’s Return Policy?

At Solful we want you to be happy with your purchase. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will gladly accept your return. All returns must be made with the original receipt, with no more than 50% of the product used. A credit for the return will be applied to your account; we do not offer cash back on returns. Please refer to the guidelines below for both general and defective product returns.

General Return:

  • Return must be made within 14 days of original purchase
  • A maximum of 3 general returns are allowed per year

Defective Product Return:

  • The product must have a defect which hinders it unusable (e.g. a vape pen that won’t draw or a tincture with a leaky seal)
  • The defective product must be returned within 30 days of original purchase
  • A replacement product will be issued for defective products, if a replacement product is unavailable then a credit will be issued to your account

About Cannabis Returns in the State of California: All returned products must be destroyed, even if unopened and unused pursuant to California state law. Because of this requirement we appreciate you being thoughtful about your returns, it makes us sad to destroy good product.

Adult Use in Sebastopol 12/19/17

Sebastopol is first in county to allow adult-use sales and permits for cannabis.

January 1st, 2018 will be the first day in history that anyone over twenty-one years old can legally buy cannabis products in Sonoma County. Tonight the Sebastopol City Council voted to allow adult use sales and permits to its existing two dispensaries, Solful and SPARC.

In celebration, Solful will host an End of Prohibition Celebration on Monday, January 1st from 11 am to 7 pm. Those 21 years and older are welcome, and no medical cannabis card is required. Solful will remain a medical cannabis dispensary, so those 18 and older with a medical cannabis card can also attend. Read full article

Eli Melrod Shares His Insights on Cannabis Cultivation with the Sonoma Gazette 11/30/17

Conscious cannabis takes biodiversity lesson from vineyards.

November 21, 2017

When most people think about cannabis cultivation, it conjures up an image of a warehouse filled with rows of plants growing under the glow of artificial light. The operation consumes electricity. A lot of it. And the carefully controlled growing environment feels more like an industrial manufacturing facility. Read the full article.