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The Best Sonoma County Cannabis Pairings 2/19/18

The Best Cannabis Pairings For Your Favorite Sonoma County Activities

Sonoma County Cannabis Pairings Solful Sebastopol

Sonoma County, California is a wonderful destination for locals and visitors alike. With the legalization of adult recreational marijuana, you can now experience Sonoma County through a new cannabinoid filtered lens. Whether you’re looking to relax at the beach, hike in the redwoods, or kick back and listen to live music, we’ve paired the perfect cannabis strains with some of our favorite Sonoma County activities!


Farm-to-table brunch, mimosas, and Strawberry Cough?!

Best Cannabis Pairing for Brunch Sonoma County

flower photo credit: @flowerdazefarm


A perfect pairing for Sunday brunch with friends, Strawberry Cough from Flower Daze Farm is an energizing way to start your day. Not only will this activating Sativa wake you up, it will also enhance your appetite and remind you that it’s ok to ask for seconds.

Our friends at Flower Daze Farm won the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award at the 2017 Emerald Cup for their farming practices!

Solful Tip

We believe in farm-to-pipe just as much as we do farm-to-table! When making next Sunday’s brunch reservation be sure to check out some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Sonoma County like The Naked Pig, Spinster Sisters, The Girl + The Fig, Zazu, and Lowells.

About Strawberry Cough

  • Effects: Blissful, Lively, Carefree
  • Aroma: Cane Sugar, Fresh Strawberry
  • Lineage: Old School Haze x Strawberry Fields
  • Dosage: 23% THCa, 0% CBDa
  • Dominant Terpenes: 1.0% a-Pinene, 0.78% B-Pinene, 0.45% Myrcene
  • Price: $18/ gram, $48/ eighth



Wine tasting tour with a stop at a cannabis dispensary?! Pick me up, I’ll be ready in 5!

Sonoma County Wine and Cannabis Tours Solful

flower photo credit: @moongazerflowers


For those of you looking to enhance your Sonoma wine tasting experience with a bit of sun-grown marijuana, we recommend Rosebud from Moongazer FarmsMellow and calm Rosebud is a 1:1 CBD rich strain that won’t slow you down, in fact it will make you want to get outside and explore.

Solful Tip

Hire A Driver! We’re all about responsible consumption, so we love the fact that The Sonoma County Experience has added a stop by Solful into their wine, cannabis, and craft beer tours.

About Rosebud

  • Effects: Focusing, Libido Enhancing, Euphoric
  • Aroma: Cut Flowers, Tree Bark, Fresh Alfalfa
  • Lineage: G-13 x Lavender Haze x Blackjack x Black Goo
  • Dosage: 11.9% THCa, 8.3% CBDa
  • Dominant Terpenes: 0.67% a-Pinene, 0.17% B-Pinene, 0.16% B-Myrcene
  • Price: $16/ gram, $38/ eighth



It’s when you get outside in the world that you’ll realize how big it is!

Best Cannabis to Be Outdoors in Sonoma County

photo credits: @alpenglowfarms707


Finding a cannabis strain that will keep your energy up can greatly enhance outdoor activities and since there are so many wonderful places to get outside in Sonoma County we wanted to introduce you to Cotton Eye Jack from Alpenglow Farms. Whether you find yourself staring up at old growth redwood trees or tubing down the Russian River, this mild strain will enhance the natural beauty of your Sonoma County surroundings!

Solful Tip

If you’re interested in exploring old growth redwoods, a walk through Armstrong Woods can’t be missed. Be sure to stop by the Guerneville Bank Club on your adventure to get a scoop of ice cream from Nimble & Finn’s which uses organic seasonal ingredients from local farms.

About Cotton Eye Jack

  • Effects: Alert, Focused, Positive
  • Aroma: Guava Juice, Candy, Fresh Forest
  • Lineage: Cotton Candy x Jack Herer
  • Dosage: 13% THCa, 1.9% CBDa
  • Dominant Terpenes: 0.59% B-Pinene, 0.34% B-Caryophyllene, 0.15% Terpinolene
  • Price: $16/ gram, $43/ eighth



Sit back, relax, and watch the waves.

The Best Cannabis for The Beach

flower photo credit: @fullcirclepharm


Whether you find yourself camping in Bodega Bay, or at a rental house overlooking the Jenner estuary, there are few things more beautiful than watching the sunset over the rugged Northern California coastline. Relaxing and tranquil, the Biodynamically farmed Blueberry Muffin from Full Circle Pharm is the perfect high to melt you into your chair and let the colors of the sun hitting the ocean consume you.

Solful Tips

Before you settle in for the night, be sure to explore the town of Bodega Bay. A few of our favorite stops are at the Fishetarian Fish Market for clam chowder and enjoying a glass of bubbly at Gourmet Au Bay Wine Bar.

About Blueberry Muffin

  • Effects: Peaceful, Pensive, Stress-Free
  • Aroma: Berry, Pastry, Sugar
  • Lineage: Afghani x Blueberry
  • Dosage: 21% THCa, 0.0% CBDa
  • Dominant Terpenes: 0.27% B-Pinene, 0.17% B-Caryophyllene, 0.10% d-Limonene
  • Price: $16/ gram, $43/ eighth



Rock, pop, reggae, country, rap or electronica… this cannabis strain will keep you grooving. 

Best Cannabis for Live Music in Sonoma County

concert photo credit: @lightandrhythm


If you’re looking for something that won’t slow you down, try Clementine by Alpenglow Farms. With a just the right amount of THC, this strain will make your body feel good and keep you moving to the music.

Solful Tip

We love supporting local music. Be sure the check out the upcoming music calendars for the Mystic Theater, HopMonk Sebastopol, Lagunitas, and Luther Burbank Center, there are some great upcoming shows!

About Clementine

  • Effects: Clear Headed, Upbeat, Euphoric
  • Aroma: Sugar, Tangerine, Clay
  • Lineage: Lemon Skunk x Tangie
  • Dosage: 20% THCa, 0% CBDa
  • Dominant Terpenes: 0.66% Terpinolene, 0.36% B-Pinene, 0.13% B-Ocimene
  • Price: $16 gram, $43 eighth


Visit our full menu to see what other flowers, cartridges, tinctures, topicals, and edibles we have in stock at Solful!


What Are Cannabinoids and How Do They Help Your Body? 2/15/18

What exactly are cannabinoids and how do they help your body? 

What Are Cannabinoids? Learn about them at Solful marijuana dispensary in Sonoma County

Cannabinoids are compounds that keep our bodies in balance. Our bodies create them naturally, and the cannabis plant creates very close imitations of these compounds. Cannabinoids facilitate the communication between the cells in our body to preserve the internal state of balance. So when we use cannabis, we are helping the function of our endocannabinoid system and amplifying the body’s ability to bring things back into proper order.  

Cannabinoids work in concert with terpenes and other compounds to create specific effects on the body. The combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes give different strains their unique qualities, such as making you more alert, elated, focused, relaxed, or sleepy. Also, you’ll find products where cannabinoids appear in different ratios to each other to create different ranges of effects.


The Cannabis Plant Produces Over 100 Cannabinoids!

While the cannabis plant produces over 100 unique cannabinoids, we’d like to call your attention to the six most commonly known cannabinoids. These are the ones where we’re starting to scratch the surface of understanding what these compounds can do. By all accounts, there are a lot more cannabinoids that we don’t know about than we do. And as scientists apply research to the other cannabinoids they’ve identified, we expect to see a growing number of ways to use cannabinoids to improve our health.




To put it simply, THC is the primary compound that gets you high. It is the most commonly known and used cannabinoid. It is used to relieve pain and nausea, stimulate the appetite, and can also alter moods and perceptions.




CBD is the best-known cannabinoid for providing the benefits of cannabis without getting you high, as a result, it has gained popularity for therapeutic uses such as pain relief, anti-nausea, and lessening anxiety.  CBD functions differently depending on the ratios to THC.




THCa is not a well-known cannabinoid but is what’s mostly present in your cannabis before you heat it. During the process of smoking or vaping, the cannabinoid then changes its state and loses its acidic precursors to become THC. When you ingest raw cannabis, you’re consuming THCa— which for some people helps with nerve pain, inflammation, and can work as an antispasmodic.




Like THCa, CBDa is a new cannabinoid for most cannabis users. It is the unheated form of CBD. CBDa has been reported to function as an anti-inflammatory among other health benefits, and we expect to learn more about its effects as usage increases.



(moderately psychoactive – depending on dose)

This mildly psychoactive cannabinoid is mostly known as a sleep aid. When THC oxidizes, it then converts to CBN.



(highly psychoactive)

This is a highly psychoactive cannabinoid and also functions as an appetite suppressant. It is often found in landrace African varieties of cannabis.


Interested in learning more about Cannabis?

Check Out The Solful Field Guide – Getting the Most out of Your Cannabis

We created the Solful Field Guide to give you an overview of the most important topics learn about for knowledgeably using cannabis to improve your health and happiness. If you’re interested in learning more we invite you to read through the Field Guide, and bring your questions with you next time you visit Solful!


If you’re looking for more reading, our team also really enjoyed Dustin Saluk’s article: Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System.


Ask Your Cannabis Questions in Person!

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about cannabis when you visit Solful.


We love educating the community on cannabis. If you have questions or are just curious to learn more about edibles, topicals, tinctures, flowers, or any of the various ways you can get the benefits of cannabis, please come by! Our dispensary is licensed for adult use, which means anyone over the age of 21, with a valid ID, can visit. Solful is located in Sonoma County, in the town of Sebastopol, just a short drive from Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Windsor, and Marin. 


Visit Our Sonoma County Dispensary to Find The Best Marijuana Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018 2/3/18

Cupid left a big bouquet of fragrant flowers on the doorstep at our Sonoma County dispensary, in Sebastopol. 

Move Over Red Roses, We're Seeing Green

photo credits @quimrock @flowerpowertopicals @papaandbarkley


We love the idea of a marijuana inspired Valentine’s Day, but then again who doesn’t? Adult recreational use is now legal in California just in time for the holiday. This means our Sonoma County dispensary can sell to everyone over 21 which certainly opens a whole new world of gift giving!

To kickstart your Valentine’s Day shopping we created a gift guide for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. We think you’ll get lots of great ideas to light their fire!


Unlock the Ancient Aphrodisiac Power of Cannabis…

The female powerhouse team behind Quim Rock has created an intimate oil which intensifies climax. It also naturally enhances sensation and increases libido by combining the “ancient aphrodisiac power of cannabis” with a hint of tea tree oil. This seems like the makings of a perfect for Valentine’s Day. Available in both Curious and Sensitive.

Quim Rock Intimate Oil: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County

photo credit @quim.rock

Price: $48/ each – 2oz, 400mg THC

About Quim Rock: They have a mission to create products that enhance pleasure and foster sustainable practices of self-care. Because of that, Quim Rock is the type of company we can get behind. They “want to deepen the connection you have with your own body, and empower you to care for it in the way that makes sense for you.”


Roses Are Red, Flowers Are Green!

It may seem cliche, but nothing says I love you like a “bouquet” of flowers. Say goodbye to red, 2018’s flower trend is green!

Putting together a collection of flowers is the perfect marijuana gift for the hopeless romantic in your life. Be sure to include the very fragrant Harmony Rose from Cosmic Force Farm, the makers of Flower Power Topicals. This 1:1, CBD and THC rich strain is euphoric and grounding. It will be one of the prettiest flowers you’ll ever give away.

Harmony Rose: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County

photo credit @flowerpowertopicals

Price: $33/ eighth

About Cosmic Forces Farm: From seed to salve, everything is handmade and hand-grown at Cosmic Forces Farm in Mendocino County. Cosmic Forces follows organic standards and grows all their cannabis under the sun.


Who Knew Passion and Arousal Could Look So Discreet?!

Let your inhibitions go and enhance your experience naturally. dosist’s Arouse dose pen will relax your body and mind. Passion, on the other hand, increases your sensuality thus heightening your euphoric feeling. 

dosist pens: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County

photo credit @dosist

Price: $100/ per 200 dose pen

About dosist: Known for their THC-forward formula, dosist dose pens ensure a precise dose every time. dosist sources all cannabis used from organic and biodynamic farms in Humboldt County.


Touch Me, Massage Me, Cannabinoid Me.

This therapeutic “releaf” massage oil from Papa & Barkley will add the perfect amount of friction to your Valentine’s Day. With a 3:1 mixture of THC:CBD you’ll get just the right amount of cannabinoid exposure.

Releaf Massag Oil by Papa & Barkley: available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County

photo credit @papaandbarkley

Price: $40

About Papa & Barkley: Papa & Barkley believes that to make the purest most potent oils you have to start with the very best cannabis. “Born out of love, and rooted in science”


Soak, Relax, Rinse, Repeat?

Doesn’t your special someone deserve to relax? Draw them a hot bath, pour a glass of their favorite Sonoma County wine, and drop in a Canna Deva THC bath bomb before they get in. Of course, the hardest part will be getting them out of the bath.

Canna Deva Bath Bomb, available for purchase at Solful dispensary in Sonoma County

photo credit @solfulCA

Price: $10/ each – THC 20mg

About Canna Deva: Canna Deva bath bomb users have said their soak experience was “life-changing”. Made with sustainably farmed Humboldt County marijuana from Alpenglow Farm. 


Are you ready to come shopping?

Visit our Sonoma County dispensary, in Sebastopol, CA. Open 7 days a week, 11:00AM-7:00PM.

Solful: 785 Gravenstein Hwy. S, Sebastopol, CA 95472


We hope you’ll be able to come to our dispensary before Valentine’s Day. In case you can’t we’re happy to recommend some of the best dispensaries in San Francisco, Mendocino, Los Angeles, and San Diego to you.

San Francisco Dispensary – The Apothecarium

Mendocino DispensaryEmerald Pharms

San Diego DispensaryUrbn Leaf

Los Angeles Dispensary Buds and Roses

Let’s Talk Cannabis: Solful Senior Community Events 1/31/18

Cannabis Workshop, Led by Solful’s Eli Melrod, Draws Big Crowds at Senior Centers in Sonoma County.

Sonoma County Cannabis Senior Talks

Solful’s Co-Founder and CEO, Eli Melrod, has long been advocating for increased accessibility to educational services for seniors who want to learn about cannabis.

Our friends at Sonoma West did an amazing article on our recent involvement with the senior community. A trend that Eli can attest to, is that Sonoma County seniors are incredibly interested cannabis education.

“One-third of our customers are 60 plus,” said Eli Melrod, “We kind of designed it with that demographic in mind.”

Eli presented his “Let’s Talk Cannabis” workshop at the Sebastopol Senior Center and Oakmont last month. Read Sonoma West’s article on Sonoma County seniors and cannabis.

Peter Dickstein’s Solful Startup 1/16/18

“We want to be an important part of the communities we serve. We cater to mainstream consumers who want to improve their physical and mental health.”

A great write-up on Solful Co-Founder, Peter

…he’s helping shape one of the fastest-growing industries around: legal cannabis.

Staff members ask questions: “What are you trying to achieve with cannabis? Do you have any ailments? Have you used cannabis before? If so, did you smoke? Vape? Use edibles, topicals or tinctures? Most importantly, how did it affect you?”

There’s no hard sell. As with a store like Patagonia — one of the founders’ inspirational brands — the emphasis is on education and information. Farmers, health professionals and manufacturers are invited in, to give and see live demonstrations.

Read full article

Prohibition is Over!! 1/1/18

Cannabis prohibition has come to an end in California! On behalf of our team, farmers, and local purveyors we can’t wait to introduce you all to Solful. 


Adult Use in Sebastopol 12/19/17

Sebastopol is first in county to allow adult-use sales and permits for cannabis.

January 1st, 2018 will be the first day in history that anyone over twenty-one years old can legally buy cannabis products in Sonoma County. Tonight the Sebastopol City Council voted to allow adult use sales and permits to its existing two dispensaries, Solful and SPARC.

In celebration, Solful will host an End of Prohibition Celebration on Monday, January 1st from 11 am to 7 pm. Those 21 years and older are welcome, and no medical cannabis card is required. Solful will remain a medical cannabis dispensary, so those 18 and older with a medical cannabis card can also attend. Read full article

Eli Melrod Shares His Insights on Cannabis Cultivation with the Sonoma Gazette 11/30/17

Conscious cannabis takes biodiversity lesson from vineyards.

November 21, 2017

When most people think about cannabis cultivation, it conjures up an image of a warehouse filled with rows of plants growing under the glow of artificial light. The operation consumes electricity. A lot of it. And the carefully controlled growing environment feels more like an industrial manufacturing facility. Read the full article.

Petaluma’s Forthcoming Vote to Open Cannabis Businesses Within City Limits 11/14/17

Petaluma city council hones pot regulations.

November 9th, 2017


More than a year after California voters legalized recreational marijuana, Petaluma is poised to next week adopt a slate of policies to regulate the cannabis industry inside city limits.

The city council Monday postponed a vote on an ordinance that would allow cannabis-related manufacturing businesses and two marijuana delivery services while increasing the number of plants residents can cultivate on their properties. The new rules will be considered at a Nov. 13 workshop, and city staff will develop regulations surrounding permitting and fees for consideration at the council’s Dec. 4 meeting.

Petaluma has long taken a hard-line stance on cannabis, banning brick-and-mortar dispensaries in 2007. In 2016, the city tailored its policy to allow medical card holders to cultivate three plants and for delivery from outside of the city to medical users and caregivers.

The city was forced to revisit the issue after the November passage of Prop. 64, which legalized the sale and possession of recreational cannabis for those ages 21 and over within certain parameters but left some control in the hands of local jurisdictions. Under Prop. 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, it is not yet possible to purchase marijuana without a doctor’s recommendation. The state is expected to issue licenses for recreational cannabis businesses as soon as Jan. 1.

In Petaluma, 62 percent of voters supported Prop. 64, though shaping a comprehensive marijuana policy has been far more divisive for a council that has quibbled over the issue since June.

Though five public speakers Monday urged the city to allow dispensaries, four of the seven council members were not in favor of immediately tailoring its forthcoming policy. Nearby cities, including Cotati, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol currently permit dispensaries.

Eli Melrod, who co-owns Sebastopol-based Soulful dispensary, said Petaluma customers visit his business on a daily basis and implored the city to open its doors for retail storefronts. 

“Dealing with the issue on a legislative level is really complicated, and helping folks medicinally is also really complicated,” he said. “It’s a very complicated plant with a lot of different compounds and a lot of different ways to use it. For folks to get the most benefit, they really need to consult with folks who are well-versed in different compounds, effects and delivery methods.”

Read More…

Solful Featured in the Press Democrat 11/13/17

Solful gives Sebastopol a second sales outlet for medical cannabis

There was no pungent smoke in the air and no bold trappings other than a bunch of green and white balloons over the front door at the grand opening Sunday of Solful, liberal Sebastopol’s second medical marijuana dispensary.
A few dozen folks lounged and sampled snacks in the lobby of the clean, well-lit premises in a small retail center a block south of Sonoma West Medical Center, west county’s only hospital.

Read more…