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Vaping – What We Know 10/14/19

Dear Solful Friends, 


Muddy-Shoe Sourcing, Love-Worthy Quality, and Just-For-You Experiences are the standards we’ve committed to operating under here at Solful. These pillars have become what we proudly refer to as The Solful Standard. These standards guide us in choosing the products we carry and help ensure that we are comfortable and confident in recommending every product you’ll find on our shelves. 


We are committed to carrying only the most natural, clean, and safe cannabis products available. Even additives as common as food coloring and artificial flavors won’t make it on our shelves. If we feel that a product could be harmful to your body, we won’t carry it.


Kiva Takeover 8/24/19

Chocolates, Mints & Caramels Oh My!

Sonoma County Cannabis Event Kiva Edibles

What’s your favorite edible? Find out at Kiva’s in-store takeover!

Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1  |  11am-7pm


Come learn about cannabis confections with the Kiva team as they “takeover” Solful for a weekend of all things candy!

Love Swag?

Buy any 2 Kiva Products* and receive a custom Kiva tote bag!


*Must be 2 full-size products, while supplies last.

Cranberry Lime Spritzer 8/14/19

CBD Mocktails: Say hello, to a more relaxed you.

CBD Mocktails Sonoma County Dispensary

From sleep and stress to inflammation and mocktails?!

CBD certainly has the world talking. So it’s no surprise that people are opting for this year’s buzziest non-alcoholic drink, the CBD Mocktail, as a way to increase their inner calm.


The Best Sonoma County Dispensary Solful

Vote for Solful – The Best Sonoma County Dispensary! 7/18/19

We are honored to be nominated as The Best Sonoma County Dispensary in the Press Democrat’s Reader’s Choice Best Of 2019 awards. We’d really love your vote and it will only take a minute!




We are so proud of what we’re doing, love being a part of the Sonoma County community, and would be thrilled to be acknowledged as the best Sonoma County dispensary. We work closely with so many local businesses, many who have been nominated too. So have some fun and vote for your favorites!

Thank you for supporting Solful, we wouldn’t be here without you.

With Love,

The Solful Team

Farmers Make Great Fathers 6/14/19

To Celebrate Father’s Day We Wanted to Highlight Some of the Amazing Farmers Who Grow the Flower You Love!

We believe that the farms and partners we work with are helping to heal not only our community but our earth. So for Father’s Day we wanted to highlight some of the Farming Fathers that go above and beyond to help bring balance to not only the land they tend but also the families they love.




You may have met Craig and his wife Melanie during one of their Meet the Farmer visits at Solful. But did you know that in addition to growing amazing regeneratively farmed cannabis they are also raising two spectacular daughters? Imagine the experience of growing up on a farm and being able to identify the different bugs, companion plants, and everything that goes into creating a healthy sustainable eco-system. What a magical life that must be!



Radicle Herbs Farm Regenerative Cannabis


Life thrives at Radicle Herbs Farm, and it’s been quite the year for Daniel + Blair! They were honored with the very coveted Regenerative Farm of the Year award and also welcomed their first little one to their farming family. Being thoughtful about what you take from the earth, and knowing that to keep balance you always must give back, are amazing life lessons to teach a child. We’re excited to see a little one grow up with such a thoughtful appreciation of the world.



Moon Gazer Farm Cannabis


Nature vs. nurture is something that’s long been debated. But what if you found a place that was amazing at both? Moon Gazer Farm grows every cannabis plant from seed ensuring that the natural genetics are perfect, but Josh + Sandra don’t stop there. They lovingly and passionately care for each plant and animal on their farm so much that the love radiates from their garden. So it’s no wonder that when Josh became a dad this year he not only welcomed one baby but two because at Moon Gazer Farm there’s a lot of love to go around!



Moon Gazer Farm Cannabis


A self-proclaimed band of misfits, Jacob + Carla of Flower Daze Farm have recently expanded their brood. Welcoming a second child into their artistic family Jacob has lots of fatherly traits to hand down. His meticulous attention to detail shines through in his thoughtfully grown, extremely small batch, cannabis. It’s no wonder that Jacob values every detail because as a classically trained musician that attention has been distilled from a young age. Whether teaching his children about classical music, or regenerative farming, we’re certain parenting in a land of wonder is an amazing experience.



Happy Father’s Day to All the Other Dad’s Out There!

To all the other Father’s that we have the pleasure of working with, and helping every day in at Solful, we appreciate you and hope you have an amazing Father’s Day weekend. You deserve it.


Still Need a Father’s Day Gift?

If reading this has made you realize you still need to get something special for the Dad in your life? Don’t worry… we have lots of great gifts for Dads. Just come by Solful and we’ll make sure you get him something he’ll love!

The Best Cannabis Gifts for Mother’s Day 5/8/19

We’ve rounded up the best cannabis gifts for Mother’s Day. Whether the mom you love wants to spend her special day resting and relaxing, getting outside and exploring, or simply enjoying a bit of decadence, we hope this inspires you to get her something special.

And to all the moms reading this, treat yourself… you work hard and deserve it!




We all know that mom, the one who spends the day driving carpool, excelling at her career, and somehow still makes time to get outside in Sonoma County to bask in its beauty. If you have a mom who loves being outside here’s everything she needs for her next outdoor adventure!  


Photo Credit @absolutextracts

Hi-Fi Hops – Lagunitas and Absolute Xtracts

At the end of a hike, we think she’ll love enjoying a refreshing 5:5 Hi-Fi Hops. With 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC this balanced beverage is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of Sonoma County.

Looking for something a little buzzier? Check out their 10mg THC formula!


Papa & Barkley Solful

Photo Credit @papaandbarkley

Releaf Balm – Papa & Barkley

Even the most active mom might feel a bit sore after an outdoor adventure, so make sure she has her very own Releaf Balm from Papa & Barkley. We love the CBD Rich 3:1 for everyday relief.

If you’re looking for more targeted, immediate relief, check out their THC dominate 1:3 formula.


Atlas Cannabis Edibles Solful Sonoma County

Photo Credit @atlasedibles

Granola Bites – Atlas

Granola’s long been a snack associated with outdoor activities, so be sure to add a pack of Atlas Granola Bites to your Mother’s Day picnic. While the mom favorite seems to be Nimbus, what mom doesn’t love Dark Chocolate with Pecans and Hazelnuts, Atlas Granola Bites also come in three additional delicious flavors.

Want to explore all the flavors?

  • Nimbus – Dark Chocolate with Pecans and Hazelnuts
  • Stratus – Lemon, Blueberry, and Poppyseed
  • Ember – Caramel, Cashew, and Cayenne
  • Origin – Mexican Chocolate and Pepitas


Kin Slips Solful Sonoma County Cannabis Dispensary
Photo Credit @kinslips

Park Life – Kin Slips

Not only are these sublingual strips compact, portable, and easy to dissolve under your tongue, they also deliver a precise dose and quickly! Plus, Kin Slips are the perfect product to slip in your pocket as you head out for this year’s Mother’s Day adventure.

We love starting the day with their 10:1 CBD Rich Park Life formula as part of our wellness routine. Park Life helps offer some relief without the high.


Kiva Petra Mints Solful Cannabis Dispensary

Photo Credit @madebykiva

Petra Mints – Kiva

Perfectly mico-dosed, Petra Mints from Kiva are an amazing option for the mom who wants a mild high. At 2.5mg of THC per mint, it’ll be easy for her to find her perfect dosage!


Transdermal Patches Sonoma County Dispensary

Photo Credit @marys_medicinals

Transdermal Patches – Mary’s Medicinals

With so many different formulas, Mary’s Medicinals certainly has a transdermal patch for the mom in your life. If she’s looking to have a fun active day, why not try their THC Sativa patch? Looking for pain relief after that long hike? Try their amazing THCa patch. Want to make sure the mom in your life gets lots of rest? Introduce her to their sleep-inducing CBN patch.

Didn’t we tell you… there’s a patch for all the mommies!




Sometimes being a mom is like running a 5k race over and over again (hello Groundhog Day) so why not encourage her to relax, because you know she deserves it. From cannabis-infused Epsom salts to specially formulated sublinguals that promote rest and relaxation, we think the mom in your life will appreciate a little push towards a break.   


Om Cannabis Epsom Soak

Photo Credit @omedibles

Epsom Salts – OM Body

Sometimes a soak in the tub is all it takes to unwind. Now imagine if that soak was infused with cannabis to make your mom feel extra good?

We love the Epsom Salts from OM Body, available in Lavender, Rose Geranium and Athletic.


CBD Tincture Solful Sonoma County Dispensary

Photo Credit @humboldtapothecary

Relax Tincture – Humboldt Apothecary

Lavender, Basil, Bergamot, and Sweet Orange are combined in this soothing tincture from Humboldt Apothecary. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a mom, let’s be honest… she does a lot, this amazing tincture is said to help offer relief from anxiety and stress while promoting a positive mood.


dosist Sonoma County Solful

Photo Credit @dosist

Calm Vaporizer – dosist

Moms love dosist. We can honestly almost leave it at that.

There’s something about the discreet design and the vibration which tells you you’ve inhaled the perfect dose, that makes dosist vape pens a mom favorite. What’s a better gift for the mom who deserves to relax than a formula specifically created to promote calm?

Photo Credit @moongazerfarms

Red Rosebud – Moon Gazer Farm

Suprise Moon Gazer Farm is growing more than just cannabis right now! With two babies on the way, we couldn’t not highlight the amazing feminine touch that this mom-to-be farmer gives to each of her plants.

Red Rosebud is particularly a special strain for Sandra and Josh not only because they’ve nurtured it from seed, but because it leaves you feeling euphoric and balanced which they know is a feeling moms need. Plus, it’s low potency!


Juniper Pre Rolls Sonoma County Cannabis

Photo Credit @junipergrown

Assorted Pre-Rolls – Juniper

We have two moms on the Solful team, and both Athena and Tess can’t stop raving about Juniper pre-rolls. If you have a mom who’s comfortable with psychoactivity take it from our resident moms, there’s not a Juniper pre-roll that won’t take the edge off.

We’re also certain that there’s not a mom out there who won’t swoon over their beautiful packaging.



We all know moms need to unwind at the end of a long day, what about indulging in a delicious cannabis-infused treat? Here are some of the most decadent treats that the moms in our lives are loving right now.

Photo Credit @kanehcompany

Triple Berry White Chocolate – Kaneh Co.

Strawberry infused white chocolate topped with dried strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries… yum! Treat her to a special naturally pink treat from Kahna Co., we promise… she’ll thank you.


Photo Credit @grdnsociety

Locally Made Chocolate – Garden Society

Want to keep Mother’s Day local this year? Did you know that Garden Society chocolates are made in Sonoma County by two local moms?!

Rich, decadent, and available in milk chocolate and spicy dark we love supporting this amazing Sonoma County company. Keep up the great work ladies!


Photo Credit @kanhatreats

A Rainbow of Gummy Flavors – Kanha

Let’s be honest, we all love gummies. So for the mom who has a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store when you’re looking at all the different flavors from Kanha.

Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach, Blueberry… the list goes on!


Photo Credit @getmellows

Cannabis-Infused Marshmallows – Mellows

Moms and Mellows, two words we love! Another mom owned confection company, we’ve been blown away by these gourmet marshmallows. Available in flavors like Black Sesame, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake we think you should make your own variety pack because it’s just so fun!

The History of 420 4/16/19

The History of 420: How a group of teens from Marin County started an international holiday which led to a collaboration with one of our favorite brands, Chemistry.

Each year on April 20 people around the world celebrate the gift of cannabis. The 4/20 holiday, which has become synonymous with lighting up a joint, has been taking place for more than 40 years, but the origins of the celebration have mostly remained mysterious. Where did the term “420” come from?


Many people wonder about the history of 420. Some people mention a Bob Dylan song, while others believe it’s a police code indicating someone in possession of cannabis. However, the true story behind 4/20 starts out much like many epic storylines of the last century. A group of friends decides to set out an awesome adventure to find a hidden treasure.


History of 420 Meet The Waldos

The Waldos – Mark Gravich, Jeff Noel, Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, and Larry Schwartz, also known as the Waldos,
coined a term while attending high school in San Rafael, Cali. that would later become the international code of
cannabis. (Photo provided by Chemistry)


That group of Marin County friends dubbed themselves “the Waldos” and in 1971 they made it their mission to find an abandoned pot grow allegedly located somewhere up the coast from San Francisco. The group of high school buddies, Mark Gravich, Jeff Noel, Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, and Larry Schwartz, were known as pranksters and goof-offs in their hometown of San Rafael, California.


“We use to sit on campus and do impressions of people walking by,” Waldo Dave (Reddix) said. The hippies would often hang out together sitting on a wall outside their school, thus becoming “the Waldos.”


A map was given to Waldo Steve (Capper) by a friend whose brother was in the U.S. Coast Guard. The map allegedly led to a crop of abandoned cannabis plants near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard station.


An After-School Adventure

After school the Waldos would meet at 4:20 p.m. near a statue out front of their San Rafael High School, to get high and go on a safari to find the cannabis plot. Unfortunately, after weeks of searching, the weed grow was never found, but the 4/20 code became slang between the Waldos for “let’s go smoke some weed.”


420 Statue a big part of The History of 420

420 Statue – In 1971 the Waldos would meet in front of this statue of chemist
Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High School at 4:20 p.m. to hash out their plan
and get high together.  
(Copyright 2019 Waldos LLC all rights reserved)


The 4/20 code got out to the masses through a  connection like no other. It came in the form of an influential rock band with a devoted fan base, the Grateful Dead. Waldo Dave (Reddix) had an older brother who was friends with Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead’s bassist. In the 1970s, Reddix’s brother managed Lesh’s side bands and offered Reddix a chance to work the shows.


During this time, Reddix shared the slang with other roadies, band members and Grateful Dead fans known as Deadheads. The 4/20 code spread like seeds across the country during the 1970s and ‘80s. As time moved on into the 1990s, theories began to swirl about where the 4/20 code came from.


The True History of 420

After hearing a wild assortment of theories, the Waldos decided it was time to dismiss the rumors and other false claims. A 1997 interview with the Waldos featured in High Times magazine officially set the record straight on where 4/20 originated and boosted the Waldos story even further into cannabis culture. The article was the first ever published about the group. It wasn’t until that year that the Waldos started seeing that the code had reached mainstream American youth.  


“We started seeing it on signs and painted on benches,” Reddix said.


Today “420” is a household word. There are countless celebrations, big and small, all over the globe on April 20, as well as products and websites with 4/20 references. A Google search leads to 1.9 billion results and it all began with five friends sitting on a wall in San Rafael.


Not too much has changed between the group of friends in 40 years. Waldo Steve (Capper) said the Waldos are still always up for an adventure.


“Everywhere we go it’s still the same fun vibe,” he said. “It’s our nature.”


They even have their own website documenting their adventures and sharing their story, visit it here. 


A Special 420 Collaboration with Chemistry


The Waldos consider themselves, “happy stoned ambassadors” and in that spirit, they have collaborated with Chemistry, an Oakland-based cannabis extract company, for a second year to unleash a new vape cartridge.


The Waldos said this year’s cartridge is old school, based on some of the strongest weed found in the 1970s, Panama Red.


Trevar Mazza, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Chemistry, said the company hunted down the old-school classic and it’s unlike anything they’ve created before.


“The micro batch of whole flower we processed was grown by Babylon Farms up in Mendocino. They sourced the seeds from a company that specializes in land race and heritage strains,” Mazza said. “It has a refreshingly crisp sweetness with a bit of pine on the backend, pretty uplifting on the front end with a pleasant tingling sensation around the third eye. It’s a bit of a creeper though, surprisingly strong given the lower THC percentage.”


The 1971 Panama Red vape is extremely unique thanks to that 1:1 balanced CBD to THC ratio. You can find the limited 1971 Panama Red cartridge from Chemistry at Solful, as a special release on 4/20!


Visit Solful on 4/20 for your chance to take home one of the limited release Waldo cartridges, plus one of the 420 Gift Bags filled with some of your favorite cannabis products! Click here for a full list of Solful’s 420 activities.


Written By: E.I. Hillin

E.I. Hillin is a freelance journalist with a passion for storytelling and cannabis. 

420 4/4/19



Visit Solful on April 20th, for a chance to take home one of 420 Gift Bags* filled with products from your favorite brands! Spend the day hanging out with your favorite farmers and getting to know the people behind the products you love.

The Best 420 Events Sonoma CountyThe Best 420 Events

There has to be some fine print… Solful 420 Rules and Restrictions

  • The state of California prohibits us from distributing free product. We will collect excise tax and a nominal amount for each product, this applies to the Gift Bags and Doorbusters. But don’t worry, this won’t be more than a few dollars per Gift Bag… what a steal!
  • There are limited quantities of each Gift Bag tier and Doorbuster. Gift Bags and Doorbusters will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, so get here early!
  • All products in the Gift Bags, or purchased as Doorbusters, are final sale. However, if you receive a defective product please let us know and we’ll exchange it for you.
  • Products listed as assorted will be included in Gift Bags at random. You cannot request a specific formula, flavor or strain, but we certainly hope you get products you’ll love!
  • We reserve the right to change Gift Bag inclusions.

Flood Relief 3/26/19

We’ve teamed up with Care by Design and Papa & Barkley to offer CBD Rich Tinctures to those who have been affected by the recent flood.

At Solful we are committed to cultivating health and happiness in our community. We believe that cannabis can bring wellness in many different ways, from aiding in stress and anxiety relief to issues associated with sleep and pain.

We understand that the last few weeks have been particularly trying for many people throughout our community, and we’d like to help by offering some CBD rich products to our neighbors throughout West Sonoma County and those who are currently out of work as a result of the flood.

If you were affected by the recent flood we invite you to visit Solful, through April 15th, to receive a CBD tincture*.

REGISTER HERE to receive your tincture


*Rules and restrictions apply and will be outlined when you register. You must register to receive your tincture. 

Sebastopol Flood Sonoma County

Sonoma County Flood Update 3/3/19

To Our Community and Solful Family,

Many of you have called and emailed to check in on us in following the news of the flooding in Sonoma County, and for that, we are beyond grateful. While this affects everyone in our Solful family, Solful’s retail store was unaffected by the flood. We have been able to remain open and our amazing team has continued to help the community by talking and connecting with people in the store.

We are incredibly heartbroken that Sonoma County is experiencing another natural disaster. Our General Manager calls Guerneville home and our thoughts go out to her and everyone who has been displaced by this.

We feel for the local businesses who have been affected. Like us, they have poured their heart and soul into what they do. We understand what it feels like to feel responsible for our team and their families and can only imagine that the unknown of what’s to come next must feel insurmountable.

But we are part of a strong, resilient community, and we are going to help each other. We hope every person who is displaced, and business whose doors are closed knows that they are not alone.

For those of you who want to help, it’s too soon to know exactly when we can roll up our sleeves, but we plan on being involved and promise to let you know when and how you can help too!

But for now, we simply need you to continue to come to Sebastopol to support the businesses on Main Street, in Downtown, The Barlow and throughout every community in Sonoma County that has been affected by this. And most importantly, let people know where you are, that these businesses are open, and tell them to come too! Help us keep our community going so that when these amazing businesses open back up, they reopen to a thriving Sebastopol.

And no matter how long it takes for these communities and businesses to get back on their feet, the minute they do… GO

Go to The Barlow, go to Monte Rio, go to Guerneville, go out of your way to support every business that has had to close their doors because of the flood. That’s how we can all help them recover.

Sonoma County is a wonderful place to be, West County is an amazing community to be a part of and we feel so good about calling Sebastopol home. We invite you to get to know our neighbors and to show them the same amazing support you have shown us.

The Solful community is incredible and we couldn’t feel more fortunate to have such overwhelming support.

Congratulations Emerald Cup Winners 2018! 12/21/18

We were thrilled to watch so many of our Partners win awards at this year’s Emerald Cup. We’re super proud to carry their products, and are excited to share this list with you!


Regenerative Farm Award
Radicle Herbs Farm (pictured above)


Distillate Cartridge
#4: Eel River Nectar – Purple Unicorn
#6: Chemistry/ Moon Made Farm – Sour Tangie
#7: Eel River Nectar – Chernobyl


#2: Sol Daze – Tropical Mango Bites
#5: Sol Daze – Mango Strawberry Bites
#8: Somatik – Coffee Bean Sparks
#10: OM Edibles – THC Gummi Melange


CBD Edibles
#1: Somatik – Goji Berries
#2: OM Edibles – CBD Gummi Melange
#3: Space Gems


#3: Humboldt Apothecary – Love Potion No.


CBD Tinctures
#1: Humboldt Apothecary – Relax


#2: OM Edibles – Lavender Epsom Salt


CBD Topicals
#1: OM Edibles – Rose Geranium Epsom Salt


#2: Raw Garden – Zookies


Talking Terpenes – What Is Limonene? 12/5/18

Mary Jane has tools to keep you merry through the new year, reach into her terpene toolkit for Limonene!


What is Limonene? Limonene is a sour terpene that gives off a citrusy aroma. It is known to lift your spirits and lower anxiety… just what you need for the holidays!


With pumpkin spiced lattes adorning the walls of our favorite cafes, it’s no question that the holiday season is upon us. This magical time of year is filled with all kinds of alluring aromas, from simmering mulled wine to fresh cut pine. Those familiar smells filling our homes are the work of terpenes


Thirsty? Rosemary CBD Citrus Spritzer 11/30/18

Lift Your Spirits with a CBD “Mocktail” and Enjoy a Rosemary Citrus Spritzer!


Did you know that cannabis terpenes can help lift your mood and that CBD is said to help calm your nerves?

We’ve whipped up a recipe that features the terpene Limonene and includes Humboldt Apothecary’s amazing CBD Tincture, “Uplift”.  So if you’re looking to serve something at your next party that will put your guests in the perfect uplifting mood, be sure to try the Rosemary Citrus Spritzer, or as we love to call it… The Rosemary Jane.

The Best CBD Mocktail Recipes Rosemary


This Year Black Friday Has Turned Green 11/16/18

Black GREEN Friday is coming!

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and we have a feeling you may have some cannabis lovers on your shopping list. So for those of you looking for the best cannabis gifts to give this holiday season, we hope you’ll head down to Solful on Black Friday for doorbusters, gift bag giveaways, massages, partner visits and more! It’s going to be a fun day, and we hope we’ll see you there.

(Plus, it’s great to shop local!)


Black Friday Cannabis Gifts Solful

Come Get Your Green Friday Gift Bag on November 23

We teamed up with some of your favorite brands and put together some awesome Green Friday Gift Bags. Gift bags will be available with purchase*, while supplies last. So if you plan on buying cannabis gifts this year, or if you just love gift bags, come early – we open at 11:00!


Tier 1 | Spend $75

Take home a Green Friday Gift Bag valued at $30

  • Papa & Barkley Mini Balm
  • Om Edibles Gummy
  • Humboldt Farms Pre-Roll


Tier 2 | Spend $150

Take home a Green Friday Gift Bag valued at $125

  • Eel River Cartridge
  • Mary’s Medicinals CBN Patch
  • Kikoko Tea Sachet
  • Papa & Barkley Mini Balm
  • Om Edibles Gummy
  • Humboldt Farms Pre-Roll
  • Atlas Edibles Granola Bite


Tier 3 | Spend $200

Take home a Green Friday Gift Bag valued at $225

  • TWO Eel River Cartridges
  • TWO Om Edibles Gummies
  • Satori Chocolate Bites
  • Level/ Pax Suprise
  • Mary’s Medicinals CBN Patch
  • Kikoko Tea Sachet
  • Papa & Barkley Mini Balm
  • Humboldt Farms Pre-Roll
  • Atlas Edibles Granola Bite

Black Friday Doorbuster Cannabis

Doorbuster… $1.00 Pre-Roll

The first 100 purchases made on Black Friday will take home a Humboldt Farms pre-roll for only $1.00*!


Black Friday Events at Solful

Relax with our Partners

Black Friday doesn’t have to be stressful, at least not when you’re shopping at Solful. We have some of our amazing Partners coming in to visit and help you unwind. 


11:00-3:00 | Recharge with Granola Bites from Atlas Edibles

Snack on un-infused samples of Atlas Edibles’ granola bites.


12:00-3:00 | Relax with Papa & Barkley

Enjoy a relaxing massage, compliments of Papa & Barkley.


4:00-7:00 | Refresh with Kikoko

Sip on Kikoko tea, un-infused of course, to wind down after a day of shopping and refresh your senses.

Black Friday Raffle Cannabis Tour Solful

Get a Raffle Ticket* and Enter to Win a Cannabis Tour for Two

We’ve teamed up with The Sonoma County Experience to raffle off two of their amazing cannabis-centric tours.


Craft Beer + Cannabis Tour – for two

Wine + Cannabis Tour – for two

What’s a cannabis tour? Learn more about The Sonoma County Experience today!


Black Friday Cannabis Solful

Be sure to connect with us to get your Black Green Friday announcements

Curious to know what other Black Friday deals and events we have in the works? Be sure to get connected. 


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*The Fine Print

With all these awesome giveaways, doorbusters, events and more on Black Friday, we need to be sure to review the fine print with you. 

Green Friday Gift Bag Giveaway

  • Solful must collect a marginal cost for each item in the gift bag to remain compliant with CA state law. We will be collecting marginals costs for each product and requiring that gift bag purchasers pay the required CA state cannabis taxes on each item in the gift bag.
  • Products in the gift bag tiers may vary slightly, we will be unable to make any substitutions.
  • Minimum purchase is required as outlined above.
  • Gift bags will be given out while supplies last.
  • Limit one per person.

Doorbuster – $1.00 Pre-Roll

  • The first 100 purchases made on Black Friday will receive a $1.00 pre-roll.
  • Strains may vary and will be given out at random, no substitutions are allowed.
  • No minimum purchase is required.
  • Limit one per person.

Cannabis Tour Giveaway

  • No purchase is required to get your raffle ticket.
  • By signing up for the raffle you are agreeing to be placed on both Solful and The Sonoma County Experience’s email lists.
  • Need not to be present to win.

Pinkies Up – Kikoko Tea Party 10/10/18

Let’s Have A Tea Party… A Kikoko Tea Party!

Kikoko Tea Party


Put your pinkies up and join us at Solful for a Kikoko tea party.

Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21 – from 11:00AM to 6:00PM

Enjoy uninfused, cannabis free, samples of Kikoko tea and small bites while learning about the amazing product that Oprah has hailed as one of her favorites!


Talking Terpenes – What Are Terpenes? 10/10/18

What are terpenes and why should you consider them when shopping for cannabis?

You may be drawn to high THC or it might be that you choose cannabis flower based on the aromas. But what are terpenes and why should you be choosing cannabis based on them? You’ll have to keep reading to find out…


Our friend Mary Jane can tell you a lot about herself, but you will have to listen intently, with your nose. She speaks not with words but with Terpenes! – Travis Shrum


What are cannabis terpenes


My name is Travis. I’m Health + Happiness Consultant at Solful, Sonoma County’s premier cannabis dispensary, and I love terpenes. So what are terpenes and why do we think they’re so amazing? Terpenes are bio-active aromatic molecules found in cannabis and all over nature. Terpenes are produced in trichomes, the sticky glandular stalks that coat flowers. These sticky trichomes are responsible for the “frosty” appearance found on cannabis buds. Trichomes also contain cannabinoids like THC and CBD.


Terpenes are the aromatherapy of cannabis!

Some cannabis strains make you feel energized and creative while other types make you sleepy and tranquil. Have you ever wondered why that is? Terpenes! Put simply, since each terpene is different each one will have a different effect on your body. But what makes terpenes elicit these different responses from your body? Think about your most recent visit to Solful and that exciting moment when a Health + Happiness Consultant, maybe it was even me, opened a flower jar for you. The flower released its unique profile of terpenes into the air which was analyzed by your nose and as a result, you felt a sensation.


Take the terpene linalool, if you smell a strain high in linalool it may be reminiscent of lavender which can have a calming effect… similar to lavender essential oil. Terpenes are the aromatherapy of cannabis, isn’t that fascinating?!

Learning this nuanced chemical language can be challenging, but just like someone studying to become a sommelier or learning to pick out toasted oak and dark fruit flavors in wine, it simply takes practice. Don’t worry, because the quizzes are open book. You just have to find a cannabis dispensary that focuses on terpenes, like Solful. At Solful we provide profiles showing the levels of the most abundant terpenes found in specific cannabis strains. And if you want to know more, just ask!


Why are terpenes important?

Cannabis uses these terpenes as an advantage in nature to ward off predators and attract pollinators. Cannabis produces over a hundred varieties of terpenes. For us humans, these molecules provide a beneficial biological attraction to plants. Go back to the caveman days, and this biological attraction naturally led us to plants that were safe to consume and steered us away from those that weren’t. 

Each terpene provides unique aromas and physiological effects. The synergistic combination of terpenes and cannabinoids is credited with the many therapeutic properties in cannabis. This synergistic combination is known as “The Entourage Effect”.


What is the “Entourage Effect”?

You can learn about the “Entourage Effect” in the Solful Field Guide! Our friends at Kiva Confections also did a great job of breaking down the “Entourage Effect” so we’ll let them explain it.


Cannabis contains several hundred compounds, including dozens of minor cannabinoids, various flavanoids, and terpenes. While many of these compounds have specific healing attributes, it is believed that when combined the theraputic impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its single-molecule parts.


Can’t wait to smell terpenes?

Some of the most common terpenes found in cannabis are likely hanging out in your kitchen or garden.

Cannabis Terpenes Limonene

Zest a lemon and you will quickly be greeted by limonene, a terpene known for its stress-relieving properties. Many people find that limonene also has mood-enhancing benefits. Limonene is often found in uplifting cannabis varieties.

Cut open a ripe Mango and take in the earthy sweet fruit containing the terpene myrcene. This terpene is credited with the notorious couch-lock effect experienced with certain types of cannabis.


TRAVIS’ TERPENE TIP:  If you buy high THC cannabis you’ll love myrcene.  It’s believed that myrcene enhances our ability to take in THC allowing us to reach higher levels of elevation without higher levels of THC! As a result if you’re looking to get “high” you should be looking for cannabis strains high in myrcene.


Cannabis Terpenes Beta Caryophyllene

Crack some black pepper to release another fascinating terpene, beta-caryophyllene. It has been discovered that beta-caryophyllene seems to interact with the endocannabinoid system on its own, so it shows great promise as an anti-inflammatory agent and a dampener of anxiety.


Want more terpenes?

Let’s keep talking! Introducing, Talking Terpenes, a monthly installment all about the world of terpenes. Each month I will be highlighting a specific terpene and teaching you all about its tastes and effects. I’ll be sharing recipes, shaking up “cocktails”, and filling your mind with cannabis knowledge. And together we will constantly be answering “what are terpenes” because the next time you’re browsing the flower wall, I want you to be talking terpenes. 

I’m Travis… and I love terpenes!


About The Author: Travis Shrum

Travis became fascinated with cannabis after experiencing firsthand how it increased his happiness and improved his health. An Oregon native, Travis was so interested in the benefits of cannabis that he moved to California to attend Oaksterdam University. While at Oaksterdam, Travis engulfed himself in cannabis studies, particularly those that focused on the science behind the plant.

Travis is now able to share what he learned at Oaksterdam every day through his work with Solful. As a Health + Happiness Consultant Travis works closely with guests to educate them on this dynamic plant. He’s excited to be a thought leader in this emerging industry and sincerely enjoys sharing his knowledge.

Plus, he loves smoking really good pot.

Papa & Barkley – Levi’s Granfondo 10/5/18

Levi’s Granfondo is in town this weekend, and we are excited to be the official retailer of Papa & Barkley!

Sonoma County is vibrating with excitement as cyclists from around the world hit the roads for Levi’s Granfondo this weekend. Whether you’re riding in the Granfondo, or simply heading down to Courthouse Square for the festival, we hope you’ll stop by and say hi to our friends at the Papa & Barkley booth.

Solful is proud to have partnered with Papa & Barkley as their official retailer for Granfondo weekend. So for those of you riding in the Granfondo, be sure to stop by Solful for your free Papa & Barkley water bottle*. Papa & Barkley products are perfect for those living an active lifestyle and just what your body needs after a long ride.

So come see what’s in stock, and treat yourself for all the hard work you’ve just done. We promise… your body will thank you!

Official Retailer of Papa and Barkley - Levi's Granfondo

Be sure to connect with @SolfulCA and @PapaAndBarkley on Instagram to see the Papa & Barkley race team’s progress along the course, and all the fun we’ll be having at the festival.

Solful is just a short 15-minute drive from Santa Rosa and the festival, we know you’ll be glad you checked out Sonoma County’s premier cannabis dispensary.



The Best Cannabis Products for Sleep 8/26/18

Cannabis for Sleep

Do you have trouble turning off your thoughts at the end of a long day? Are you awake tossing and turning all night?

Whether it’s falling asleep or staying asleep that’s keeping you up at night, more and more people are turning to cannabis to help catch their zzz’s. Sip, drop or smoke, here are three products at Solful to help you feel rested come morning.


For Falling Asleep

Dissolve by LEVEL

photo credit @level.blends

An indica heavy flower or cartridge is sure to make you melt into your bed. This inhalable vape pen offers amazing relief for those looking to fall asleep, and who enjoy a full body high.

Cannabis strains high in THC can often help promote a restful sleep and the Dissolve cartridge by LEVEL is 77.2% THC! Since the onset of smoking is immediate, Dissolve by LEVEL is a perfect option for right before bed. You can also keep it bedside in case you wake up in the middle of the night and need some help falling back asleep.


For Staying Asleep

Tranquili-Tea by Kikoko

photo credit @kikoko_hq

If you enjoy sipping on a glass of tea before bed then a warm glass of cannabis-infused tea at the end of a long day might just be the perfect relaxing ritual for you.

Tranquili-Tea from Kikoko is formulated with sleep-supporting herbs such as chamomile and valerian root, and is great for anyone having trouble staying asleep. With 3mg of  THC and 5mg of CBN, this tea will wind you down and keep you sleeping through the night, without making you feel groggy in the morning. Onset is typically 30-90 minutes which means you can curl up with your Tranquili-Tea and a good book.


Did you know the cannabinoid CBN can be a strong sleep aide? To learn more about the benefits of cannabinoids like CBN and THC, download your free copy of The Solful Field Guide to Getting the Most Out of Cannabis today!


For Falling Asleep + Staying Asleep

Releaf Tincture by Papa & Barkley


photo credit @papaandbarkley

If you’re having trouble falling asleep then the quick effectiveness of a sublingual drop may be able to help turn those racing thoughts down.

This THC Rich formula from Papa & Barkley is a formulation of CBD and THC. CBD  is known to help calm your mind and TCH will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Onset typically occurs within 15-45 minutes making this a fast-acting option.

To learn more about tinctures, download your free copy of The Solful Field Guide to Getting the Most Out of Cannabis today!


The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

Products We Love: August 2018 8/20/18

Would We Offer This Product To Someone We Love?

It’s a question we ask about everything we carry. Because we are committed to only offering products that stand behind The Solful Standard we spend more time than most sourcing new products, but as a result, when we find them we can promise that they’re the best! For that reason, we are thrilled to introduce you to two NEW products that we’re proud to share with you.


hepburns cannabis and hash oil pre rolls solful cannabis dispensary








photo credit: @hepburns_

Hepburn Pre-Rolls

Hand-Rolled Cannabis + Ice Water Hash Joints

The Hepburns are committed to sourcing their cannabis directly from responsible farmers and producers. Each of their solventless ice water hash joints are rolled by hand with love. Available in discreet packs of 5, Hepburns are perfect when you’re on-the-go, in social situations, and most importantly they make every day special.


Why We Love Hepburns: We work hard to source our flower from the most thoughtful cannabis farmers we can find, and so does the team at Hepburns! Be on the lookout for some of your favorite farms carefully rolled and packaged as Hepburns, just like the Blue Kush Flower + Gelato Hash pre-rolls from our friends at Radicle Herbs Farm. Plus, they’re delicious!
Hepburns Currently Available at Solful


The Best Cannabis Tinctures at Solful Papa & Barkley

photo credit: @papaandbarkley

Papa & Barkley CBD Rich Tinctures

A Holistic, Discreet + Flexible Option

Papa & Barkley tinctures come in a variety of ratios, allowing you to customize your care to your needs. We know how much you love their topicals, so we’re pretty certain you’ll love their tinctures too!


Why We Love Papa & Barkley’s Tinctures: We promised that we’d search for the best tinctures we could find to help you replace your favorite TreatWell products. During our search, Papa & Barkley really stood out for us because like TreatWell they’re full spectrum, which means that you’ll be getting a product rich in beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Papa & Barkley Tinctures Currently Available at Solful

  • Acute Pain Relief – 30:1 CBD Rich Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml
  • Medium Pain Relief – 1:1 THCa Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml
  • Chronic Pain Relief – 1:3 THC Rich Formulation: Available in both 15ml + 30ml


Know Your Producer

By getting to know the farmers and creators of the products we carry, we’ve witnessed first-hand the care, pride, art, thoughtfulness, and skill that these people put into their respective crafts. We’re fortunate to get to know our Partners well, and we always love working closely with them. As such, we’re excited to have two of your favorite products back in stock… get excited, we know you’ve missed them!


Quim Rock Intimate Lubricant

photo credit: @quim.rock

Quim Rock

A Sensual Cannabis Infused Lubricant

Quim Rock is the product that has probably been asked for more times since July 1 than any other. Quim Rock combines the ancient aphrodisiac power of cannabis with a hint of tea tree oil hence creating a balanced oil that’s sensual and therapeutic.


Why We Love Quim Rock: It’s very simple, everyone on the Solful team who has tried it loves it. Because of the delecate nature of the product we certainly can’t share too much about the reasons why, but we promise if you’re looking for a good time Quim Rock will help make that happen. Wink, wink.

Quim Rock Intimate Oils Currently Available at Solful


Space Gem Cannabis Gummies at Solful

photo credit: @space_gem_ca

Space Gem Gummies

Ground Control To Major…

We are committed to supporting small purveyors, as such, we were thrilled to hear that the team at Space Gem was ready to get their out-of-this-world ice hash infused gummies back on our shelves! We totally support you taking a trip to outer space with these 10mg each gummies because we know you’ll enjoy the ride.


Why We Love Space Gems: Simply put, it’s a fun high. Being one of the smallest companies we work with, we love supporting them. This family-owned company has been making edibles and hash for years up in Humboldt County and certainly has their recipe dialed in. Plus they’re vegan and free of all those nasty additives and coloring.

Space Gem Gummies Currently Available at Solful


Be sure to check out our entire menu to see what’s in stock and above all else, check back in soon we have as we have new products coming in daily.

Treatwell CEO Incident 6/25/18

Regarding our Relationship with TreatWell


Solful was founded with a particular set of values rooted in our mission of “Cultivating Health and Happiness in Our Community”, and it is incredibly important that the brands we carry align with our values. As such we have decided to halt all future orders of TreatWell in wake of their CEO’s recent actions.


We also want to take a moment to explain why we have chosen to sell through TreatWell’s products rather than to have them destroyed. While we are incredibly disappointed and disheartened by her actions, we have many customers that rely on TreatWell. We are currently working incredibly hard to find a replacement so that our customers do not go without their medicine. Until that replacement is secured our existing inventory will remain on the shelf, and we will be donating proceeds from TreatWell products to a non-profit.


We are committed to educating and empowering our community and will continue to have the highest standards when choosing the products we put on our shelves from both a quality and values perspective.


If you have any questions regarding our decision to halt ordering TreatWell products please feel free to reach out to our team directly –




Eli Melrod, CEO