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Green Holiday - Extracts & Canna-Curious Gifts

Holiday Extracts & Canna-Curious Week

We've got the gift spectrum covered this week, from extract lovers to the canna-curious, check out our favorite picks (all at 25% off). Some of the biggest innovations in the...Read More



Guide to Gift Giving

Guide to Cannabis Gift-Giving

The Right Presents for the People in Your Life Our Guide to Cannabis Gift-Giving If you think cannabis products are a surprising present, well—an unusual year merits an extraordinary gift....Read More



Gifts for Foodies

Holiday Foodie Week

If the thought of cannabis edibles sends shivers down your gourmet spine, rejoice! The days of brownies of mysterious provenance are thankfully over, and today the world of edibles is...Read More



New Flower

Our newest flower releases

Check out our fresh flower just-in from Sonoma Hills Farms, Alpenglow Farm, and Moon Gazer Farm. Dosi-Lato (Sonoma Hills Farm) Indica THC 28.12% CBD 0.11% Effects: Tranquil, Euphoric, Full Body...Read More



Gifts for Sparking Creativity

Holiday Creativity Week

As thousands of hours of Grateful Dead jams will attest to, cannabis can offer great creative benefits. But only recently have those benefits become available to everyone. Now, there are...Read More



Green Holiday Wellness Week

Holiday Wellness Week

Give the Gift of Promoting Wellness (and save through 12/3) This year has been hard for all of us, and there’s no better way to ease your loved one’s stress...Read More



Green Holiday is coming…

Green Holiday is coming... Here’s what you need to know: Your safety is our priority. Green Friday at Solful will look a little different this year (’s even better!) as...Read More



Giving Thanks and Sharing Safely

  Like most everything 2020, the holidays are shaping up to be different this year. We're here to help you through and more importantly, help you enjoy, safely! Check out...Read More



The return of sleep week

You asked, we listened: The return of sleep week The most common question our health and happiness experts get asked is how to get a better night's sleep. This should...Read More